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Why Guyana?

Guyana is a prolific gold producing country located on the northeast coast of South America, bordered by Brazil to the south and Venezuela to the west. 

Guyana is a treasure trove of natural resources including Gold, Bauxite and Diamonds. It is recognized as a politically stable country with a legal system based on British Common Law. Guyana gained independence from Great Britain in 1966 and is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. Guyana has excellent relations with the United States and benefits from many trade and security agreements.

In 2012, Guyana produces an estimated 378,840 oz. of gold (declared) and over 200,000 carats of diamonds (declared), up 23% from 2011. In 2013, Guyana produced approximately 450,000 oz of gold and roughly 50,000 metric carats of diamonds.

Gold production may be exported after it has been registered with the Guyana Gold Board and a 5% royalty has been paid. 

The majority of gold in Guyana is recovered by placer operations, utilizing land plants and river dredging barges.

Gold alone accounts for over 50% of Guyana's export revenues. Consequently, Guyana actively cooperates with reputable miners to facilitate responsible mining operations. Over the past two years TransGlobal has developed strong working relationships with Guyana government leaders and personnel.

Sabine Minerals, Inc Projects
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The Company has limited financial resources, is in the preliminary stage of development, and is currently working towards production in the third quarter of 2019. Though the Company has collected some samples and accumulated some data relating to anticipated gold and diamond content and values, the Company has not conducted a systematic or scientific study of its targeted locations. The Company makes a preliminary determination of prospective values and then proceeds with deploying resources into “production” rather than “testing.” In pursuing this operational course, “production” will represent both the “testing” and the “results.” The Company does not currently intend to carry on its books any asset values for ‘reserves.”

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Projects Under Development: Sabine Minerals, Inc is planning to continue mining operations in 2019 on its wholly controlled Guyana Mining Claim in the Higgins Landing area on the Mazaruni River. The property is approximately 2,500 acres. This operation has produce both gold and trace diamonds. This area has been a prolific producer of both gold and diamonds.

Testing has been undertaken on the property with the use of a small washplant and hand tools. This method  allows us to gain reasonable projection of average depth to bedrock and average gold per yard. The testing stage is complete and we  are ready to begin full scale operations.

TransGlobal Gold Corp. will purchase the necessary equipment, build a base camp, establish a landing point for the loading and unloading of supplies, and setting up the land based gold and diamond processing plant. The company is in the process of transporting existing equipment belonging to Ensurge, Inc from Olive Creek to Higgins Landing by river.

TransGlobal Gold Corp. is currently developing the mine site by clearing the vegetation and stripping the valueless overburden with an excavator and dozer. After removing these top layers the paying gravels will be exposed then  processed into the wash plant where the gravels will be separated from the gold. The gold will be collected once a week from the wash plant and the gold will be crudely smelted onsite into unrefined gold Dore´ bars for sale to the Guyana Gold Board.

The Diamonds will be collected in diamond collecting machines called jigs. The diamonds will be sold to authorized and licensed dealers in Guyana.

The Company will follow all laws and regulations concerning mine operations and the marketing of precious metals and diamonds. Safety rules and regulations will always be adhered

Environmental Factors: After an area is mined methods of environmental reclamation will be used to restore the environment to its previous state. We will maintain a full staff of workers for reclamation purposes. The government of Guyana provides the seeds to regrow the local plant life.

Our goal and purpose is to leave the environment as we found it without any signature that it was mined.

Current Mining Operations: Sabine Minerals, Inc has a management agreement on a small operation in the vicinity of Higgins Landing. This operation is currently in production. The operation consists of an excavator and land plant.

Future Projects: Sabine Minerals, Inc is in the process of aggressively evaluating new properties and looking to undertake new management contracts.